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Heirloom Traditions Paint

Heirloom Traditions Chalk Type Paint

Heirloom Traditions Chalk Type Paint contains no V.O.C.’s and are suitable to be used indoors. They are water based and are easy to clean up with soap and warm water. Our high-quality paints offer a color line of 50 vivid colors like no other paint line on the market today. Each of the paint colors are high hiding, contain saturated pigments and require no primer or sanding prior to use. Most of our paint colors require only one coat, depending on the look you might be creating. Our chalk type paints are easily distressed and have an age-old appearance, once they are waxed with our line of soft wax or spray waxes, which are designed to give new paint finishes the time-worn look of an aged finished piece.

Heirloom Traditions Chalk Type Paint is suitable for wood, metals, ceramics, glass, fabric, leather, etc. The bonding properties of this product are like no other. It dries to a matte finish with little to no preparation of the surface before painting.  The paint has a velvety smooth finish when waxed with one of our 13 wax finishes.

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Vintiques Paint

Vintiques Chalk Type Paint is the same amazing formula as our Heirloom Traditions Paint but with a fun and funky color palette. It’s vintage with a modern twist!!!

Let your creativity go wild as you can combine the 30 paint colors and 13 wax colors (available in spray and soft formula).









Wax -Soft or Spray

Our wax is available in traditional soft or spray formulas.   All of our wax products will tone, enhance and antique your painted finish.

Why should I choose spray wax over traditional soft wax?

1.  It is easier to apply because it is a liquid.
2.  It it permanent and does not need to be repeated in the future.
3.  No cure time.
4.  No buffing.
5.  Goes further than traditional soft wax.




Top CoatFullSizeRenderuntitled shoot-027-4

Urethane top coat, suitable for outdoor use








untitled shoot-030-4Ultra Guard Primer

Bonding primer and sealer for wood tannins and bleed.








misc008misc009Metallic Masters









True ColorsAurora Staining Gel

Wood staining gels in 20 colors including 5 metallics.









Fabric primer and sealer. For use when painting over fabrics. Available in clear or tinted primer.










Transfer and decoupage medium. Ink jet and laser images transfer in 1 hour.








misc005Venetian Texture Medium









IMG_7060Aging Powder

Accent powders for adding depths to details










Natural bristle round brushes for paint or wax application. Synthetic brushes will be added soon.









Hemp Oil

Finishing Product for paint, stains and woods. Food grade organic, all natural. Resist method for chippy paint finishes.