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Meet Tracey And Julie Retailer Of The Month

Congratulations to Tracey and Julie from Tracey’s Fancy, this months Retailer of the month

Tracey first heard about Heirloom Traditions paint, when she received a message from Paula reaching out, asking Tracey if she wanted to try Heirloom Traditions paint.


Tracey was excited to try it, and once she did, Tracey said that she was hooked!

Tracey could not believe how easy Heirloom Traditions paint was to work with.

It goes on so smooth and is so pliable.

Tracey already had a successful painting business before she started using Heirloom Traditions paint.

Her business “Tracey’s Fancy” , is all about the furniture.


Tracey and her business partner Julie scour flea markets and auctions for pieces of furniture for their clients.

Tracey and Julie make the perfect team.


Julie¬† also writes their blog “Traceys Fancy”, and she helps out with painting and promoting their business.


They both have scored on Craigslist too, finding those perfect pieces for their clients.

Tracey and Julie have been very busy trying to keep up with the demand of there clients.

Many reach out and want specific pieces painted.


Tracey does not have a brick and mortar shop, but paints out of her home, and offers shipping as an option to clients that live out of state, or in other countries.


Tracey would love to open a shop so she could teach workshops.

Tracey and Julie have big hopes and dreams.


They are currently working on creating their own line of signature furniture.

You can visit Tracey’s Fancy HERE and see their latest project.