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Heirloom Angels Give Back to the ASCPA

Heirloom Angels Give Back to the ASPCA


From now until 8/31/15, Heirloom Traditions will donate $0.60 from the purchase of every jar of Fab! to the ASPCA to sponsor a shelter animal for the day. Please share this post and help us reach our goal of sponsoring 300 shelter animals by the end of August. You can support this great cause by purchasing a jar of Fab! from any of our wonderful retailers throughout the US and Canada, purchasing it though the retailer’s online store or purchasing it from Heirloom Tradition’s website. A furniture makeover with a great cause, what could be better!  Use our Find a Retailer to find a retailer near you.


Kramer: The story of a shelter dog who found his FUR-ever home

I wanted to share a personal story with you about why I support the ASPCA. My family and I were doing well as a 2 dog household. We had Frisbee, our lab mix who was approaching her senior years, and Fendi, our 15 lbs Yorkinese. We didn’t really any intention of adding a 3rd dog, but when we saw this huge, very skinny dog in the adoption center at PetSmart, he definitely pulled at our heartstrings. He was a Great Pyrenees named Apollo. When we got into the open area where we could visit with him off leash and introduce him to our other dogs, he was amazing. He instantly laid on the ground to make himself smaller to make our Yorkinese more comfortable. Of course, being the diva that she is, she had no interest in him whatsoever. Our older dog got a little bit of spunk back in her step having another larger dog around. He was 9 months old at the time and was still in that goofy stage of not having grown into his very oversize feet yet.   When our two dogs wouldn’t play with him, he was happy to take a toy and entertain himself by throwing it up in the air and sliding across the laminate floor and slamming into the walls to get to it. His story on his crate told us that he was found in Taylorsville Lake Park in the woods. It’s possible he got out and couldn’t find his way back home, but the statistics show that he was likely abandoned out there once they realized just how large of a dog he was going to be. We couldn’t leave him there. The shelter dog we adopted that day was 60 lbs with a terrible coat.  He was terribly afraid of storms, likely because he was alone in the woods during several before he was rescued.  There was an unexplainable bond that had already formed right in the adoption center.


We instantly new Apollo was not a fitting name for this gentle giant. His goofiness and size inspired his new name, Kramer, after the Seinfeld character. He is now out of the puppy stage and settling into adult dog life. He’s 115 lbs of daily laughter. There’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t do something goofy that makes us all laugh. He doesn’t know his size when he wants to cuddle and insists on laying on your lap, but when he meets a small dog, he still knows to get down to their level if he wants them to hang around. He is constantly bullied by Fendi. He’s happy to have her attention in any form, even though he could easily take her out with one swat of his giant paw for her sassy attitude. He is just happy to have a bed to lie in, a toy to play with, and a family who loves him. Our Fendi was purchased from a breeder.   (A decision I’ve beat myself up over for years, but I thought that was my best option for ensuring I had a small dog. The joke was on me when my 5-7 lbs designer hybrid dog ended up being 15-20 lbs.) Having just the two now (Frisbee passed away after 13 amazing years with our family), you can absolutely see a difference between a shelter dog and a dog that’s never wanted for anything in her whole life. She is a sweet dog and she’s definitely my baby, but she loves us on her terms, mostly when she wants a treat. Kramer is just full of love and appreciation and shows it constantly. He’s just happy you’re around.


So the moral of the story is, if you have the option to bring a pet into your family, bet on the underdog. Not the right size? He’ll fit himself into your family somehow. The biggest dog can curl up into the smallest dog bed and you’ll get a good laugh out of it. Sheds miserably? That’s an easy fix with a quick shave at the groomers. Worried the giant will eat too much? Well there’s not much you can do about that, especially if you can’t stand to see a skinny dog like me. You just make it work. You’ll get repaid in a love that only a shelter dog can give. There are too many Kramers in the world that need a second chance at a family. Please help us support the ASPCA in finding homes for shelter animals across the US.



Adoption Day. He couldn’t stop wagging his entire body with excitement, so the pic came out blurry.

Kramer being goofy Kramer

Kramer & Fendi