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Retailer FAQ’s

Please review our FAQ.  If you’re interested in receiving additional information, please complete our wholesale application.  This application doesn’t commit you to becoming a retailer but allows us to get the ball rolling.  The process can move as quickly as you’d like from there.


Why should I choose to carry your products in my store?

We are your one stop shop for all of your finishing needs which makes you a one stop shop for your customer.   By becoming our retailer, you don’t have to worry about maintaining an active wholesale account with multiple companies to get all of the products that your customers need.   You’ll have everything they need or the ability to get it to them quickly which keeps all of those sales right there in your store.

We also encourage you to try our paint and finishing products.  We think they speak for themselves and are different from anything else on the market.  We have a large color range and we offer 13 wax colors in a traditional soft wax or spray wax version.

Because we are the manufacturer of our products, we’re not afraid to add new products to our line when we see a need.  We are constantly evolving our products and what we offer.  Our products are made from 100% raw materials.  No latex here!  Other products on the market are made using a mass produced paint base, which typically contains latex.  Then they add their formula to make it the consistency of what people typically think of for chalk type paints.  We control our product from the first ingredient so that we can ensure you receive a quality and consistent product.

Can I become a retailer without a tax ID number?

You can as long as you are in a dealer mall that is collecting sales tax for the booth space within that mall.  You may be subject to sales tax if you ever pickup in Kentucky without a sales tax certificate.

Why are there two brands?  What products do I have access to as a retailer?

We have two brands with different color palettes so that we have something for everyone.  Our Heirloom Traditions line has 50 soft, muted paint colors while Vintiques has 30 bright, bold paint colors.  Both brands have the same premium finishing products and access to our other products like Fab!, Aurora Staining Gels, 1Gel and Metallic Masters.  You can become an authorized retailer for our Heirloom Traditions, Vintiques or even both lines if your store qualifies.

Do you offer samples for retailers?

We have a great retailer tester kit available at a reduced price.  This kit gives you two 8oz samples of our paint and a sample 2oz soft wax for $25.
Where are your products made and shipped from?

Our products are proudly made and shipped right here in Kentucky.  All of our products state Made in the USA so that your customers know they are buying an American made product when they buy paint and finishes from your store.  Being located where the main UPS hub is, allows us to get product out to our retailers quickly.  We package our product in individual dividers and bags to prevent damage so that your order arrives safely.  We also offer freeze protection packaging during the winter months to ensure that your paint arrives to you ready to go on the shelf.

Does Heirloom Traditions advertise?

As a company, we do the majority of our promoting through social media and bloggers.  We have an impressive team of bloggers that talk about our products to your potential customers.  For a complete list of bloggers, click here.   Your store will be listed in our Store Locator on our website so that consumers can easily find you.

Does Heirloom Traditions offer custom colors?

We do!  This is a great way to offer colors that are specific to your location like a local sports team, a coastal or tropical color, etc.  You choose the color, name it and it will arrive labeled like any other product in the Heirloom or Vintiques line except with your color name on it.  You then sell it exclusively in your store.  No setup fee.

Can I sell your paint on my website?

Yes, you can.  When selling online we do require that you sell at keystone pricing and do not discount.  We also offer our retailers an affiliate link to link your store to our website.  This saves you the expense of setting up and managing your own e-commerce site.  We fulfill all orders that come through your link so that all you have to focus on is selling.

If I carry your paint, can I have a sell or special in my store?

Many paint companies will dictate how you run your business by setting your prices (and profit margins) and telling you when or if you can have a sale.  We leave running your business up to you as you know your business and your customer better than we do.  Within the walls of your store, you can price the product how you see fit which means you can have sales, class/demo specials, etc. whenever you choose.  The only time you are required to sell at keystone pricing is online because the online world reaches into all of our retailers’ territories.

Do I have to carry every color and/or product that you offer?

You do not.  We encourage you to purchase what you know will sell in your store.  We have the other products here should you need them for a special order or choose to add them down the road.  We also do not make you order case quantities of any of our products.  You can order all of our products in whatever quantity you choose.

How long does it take to get set up as a retailer?

The process can move very quickly.  Once you submit your required paperwork, we can approve you within a day or two and get your starting order confirmed.  We can typically get your starting order out within a week or less.  We’re ready when you are.  Click here to complete our application.