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Make your painted fabric Fab!  This two pack is ideal for covering a heavy pattern fabric with chalk type paint.  Our white tinted primer goes on first to create a paintable barrier between your fabric and paint.  This revolutionary paintable barrier is what keeps your painted fabric from feeling crunching and prevents it from cracking.  By using the white tinted primer, you will save a coat of paint on heavy patterns.  The less paint you use, the better your painted fabric will feel.  After you’ve applied white Fab! primer, then apply one of our chalk type paints in the color of your choice.  Seal the paint with clear Fab! and you’re done.  It’s that simple.  Painted fabric will feel like a lightly coated fabric once complete.

Once your fabric is Fab!, it’s water & stain resistant making it ideal for outdoor fabrics as well.  Don’t forget that your sun-faded patio furniture cushions, umbrella, and awnings can be Fab! again!

Save $$ by buying our 2 pack vs our individual Fab! products.

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