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True ColorsAurora Staining Gels can be applied directly to any porous surface such as raw wood or chalk-type paint.  If your piece has any varnish on it, you’ll need to remove that before applying Aurora Staining Gels.  Apply with a foam brush or the palm of your hand.  Our Aurora Staining Gels comes in 20 funky colors including 5 metallic staining gels.  All AGS come in a squeeze bottle, ready to use.  Chalk-Type Paint can be sealed with Aurora Staining Gels.

Durable finish once applied! No top coats needed, but you can apply a water-based topcoat such as Aqua Clear or a polyurethane based topcoat such as Best Chalk Topcoat for a scrubbable finish.  Low VOC’s, safe to use indoors.  Washes off of your hands with soap & water.

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