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Metallic Masters



Metallic Masters Top Coats add a sheer amount of metallic to your painted surface.  There’s no doubt that you’ve applied a metallic to your piece but your paint color will show through. All of our top coats, including our Metallic Masters Top Coats, are specially formulated to adhere to a waxed surface so this product can be applied over any of our wax products (after they’ve fully cured).  Metallic Masters Top Coats will seal your chalk type and milk painted surfaces and add a durable, scrubable protection to your painted surface.


Available in Precious Pearl, Tarnished Silver, Golden Glimmer, Copper Penny & Champagne Shimmer.

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Metallic Masters Gilding Patinas are metallic antiquing gel top coats.  You can apply to chalk type or milk painted surfaces and remove to allow the metallic color to stay behind in the crevices.  You are also sealing your paint with a durable finish.  Metallic Masters Metallic Patinas will also allow you to obtain an opaque metallic coverage on your painted surface.


Available in Golden Glimmer, Tarnished Silver, Copper Penny and Champagne Shimmer.

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