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About Paula Blankenship

Heirloom About photoPaula Blankenship dreams of a world in which gorgeous color is all around…

The inspiration for Heirloom Traditions paint came from creative director Paula Blankenship. She has always had a gift for using color in her interior design projects all over the country and abroad.   Paula has designed leather stage wear for many well know country music artists as well as residential and commercial interior design projects.  She has owned and operated retail home furnishing stores for well over 25 years.

Most recently, over the last 8 years of her design career, she has worked in NYC on several large scale commercial projects. ” I feel the gift of color has always been the root of my success.”  Developing HTP products is just continuing that love of color for me!

Now the range has expanded to over 90 colors of paint, 13 tints of wax, top coats and brushes. As the creative director, Paula is on a mission to help women create and share heirloom furniture with the people they love. She loves teaching and sharing what she knows about Heirloom Traditions Chalk Type Paint so that you can make your creative dreams a reality.

For Paula, supporting women in business  is more than just a passing fancy. She wants to help show women that trusting in themselves pays off, financially, spiritually and emotionally.  Finding what makes you tick and giving back to help inspire others and makes it all worthwhile for me. Having a spirit of giving, not of taking, is what makes her truly happy.

“This business has given me a platform to help others to try and reach their potential  by showing them they can be creative and love what they do both for fun and for profit to make a better life for their family.“

Flea market treasures such as victorian footstools, vanity tables, wooden chairs, and old frames get DIY makeovers. Both ranges of paint give endless inspiration. If you can dream it, then brings it to life.