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Ordering and Shipping FAQ’s

Where can I buy Heirloom Traditions or Vintiques Paint?

We have a rapidly growing network of retailers all over the United States, Canada, and Australia.  Visit our STORE LOCATOR to find a retailer near you.  If the search comes up empty, then we don’t have anyone within 50 miles of your location, yet.  Please keep checking back as we add new retailers almost daily.  In the meantime, please shop with us online here. 

If I order online, how fast will my order ship?

Consumer orders are typically shipped via UPS within 24-48 business hours depending on the time of day that your order is placed.  All orders ship out of Louisville, KY.  We will email you a shipping confirmation containing your tracking number so that you can verify what day your order will arrive at your home.

Does paint freeze?

Paint freezes.  It is a liquid after all.  We do offer freeze protection packaging as an option which will guarantee that your paint arrives ready to use.  If you do not choose the freeze protection, be assured that your paint can be thawed without affecting the properties.  During the winter months, we include thawing instructions in each shipment or you can download a copy here. 

Do you offer coupons or discounts?

We do occasionally offer free or reduced shipping coupons.  They don’t come along very often, so make sure you take advantage when they do.  You can view any available coupons on the home page of our shopping cart in the graphics as well as on our Facebook page.

What is the difference between Heirloom Traditions and Vintiques Paint products?

We offer our customers two great brands under one umbrella so that we have something for everyone’s taste.  Because we manufacture the products for both lines, the formulas are the exact same.  The paint and finishing products will adhere and feel the same regardless of which brand you choose.  The only difference is the color palette.  Vintiques has a bright and bold color palette where the Heirloom line is softer and more muted.  Between the two lines, we have 98 paint colors for you to choose from.  You can transform each of those colors with any of our 12 colored waxes to achieve different looks.  That means you have 1,176 color combinations that you can choose from.

How do I know how much paint I need?

Below is an easy square footage chart for each of our sizes.  This is based on one coat.  Please keep in mind that your piece may require additional coats depending on the surface and the color you are painting.

  •                   8oz covers approx. 35 sq ft
  •                   16oz Pint covers approx. 70 sq ft
  •                   32oz Quart covers approx. 140 sq ft

I only buy products Made in the USA.  Where are your products made?

Our products are proudly made right here in Louisville, KY.

Can I use your paint with other brand’s finishes or your finishes with our brands of paint?

You most likely can.  As the manufacturer of a full premium finishing line, we only test our products with our products and not with other company’s products.  They very well may work so we encourage you to test a small area first before doing your entire piece to make sure they’re compatible.

What types of items can I paint with your chalk type paints?

Down here in Kentucky, we say if it doesn’t move fast enough, it gets painted.  Our chalk type paints are designed for painting furniture; however, they will pretty much adhere to most any surface.  This includes laminates, metal, glass, Formica and even fabric.  For slick surfaces or for kitchen cabinet makeovers, we do recommend using our priming product.

What type of brush do I need for applying chalk type paints and waxes?

We have our own brush line called Best Chalk Brush.  These coarse bristle brushes work perfectly for applying most of our products.  We do recommend using a sponge brush or applicator when applying our topcoats to ensure a streak free finish.  Of course, we have our own sponge applicator in production so watch for this to be available soon.

Is your paint safe to use on baby furniture?

It is and it works great!  The only product we would steer you away from for furniture that a baby might put his/her mouth on would be our soft wax products.  Luckily, we have them in a spray version that is a safe alternative so that you can still have that great antiquing effect on your painted piece.

Are your products safe to use indoors?

Most of our products are safe to use indoors.  The only products that do require being applied in a well-ventilated area are our polyurethane topcoat, Best Chalk Topcoat, and our new leather renew product, ReLuv.